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H & B Young
 Marine & Petroleum Safety Training Center





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H & B Young

Marine & Petroleum Safety Training Center

3225 Youngs Road
Morgan City, La. 70380

Phone: (985) 372-6247


Marine & Petroleum Safety Training Center

331 Dickson Rd.

Houma, LA 70363

Phone: (985) 372-6247

Young Memorial Campus
900 Youngs Road
Morgan City, La 70380
Phone: (985) 380-2957

Dean of Maritime & Continuing Education
Anthony Baham

Assistant Dean of Marine Operations
Captain Carl Moore





Marine Courses & Price List

Safety Courses & Price List


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  Coast Guard Approved
  Marine Courses



Able Seaman


Master 100 Ton Online


Able Seaman Online


Master 100/200


Apprentice Mate (Steersman)


Medical Care Provider


Basic Safety Refresher


Radar Observer

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Basic Training Revalidation


Radar Recertification


STCW Basic Training


Survival Craft Proficiency


Bridge Resource Management 1600 Ton


Survival Craft Proficiency Refresher


Combined Basic and Advance Firefighting

Tankerman DL (Barges)

More courses are available on the Marine & Safety Courses Price List links.    
  Safety Courses




Deck Handling (Customized)


PEC Core Compliance (3-Days)


Fall Protection User/Rescue


PEC Basic Orientation (SafeGulf)


Incipient Fire Fighting




Medic First Aid


Water Survival (H.U.E.T)


Water Survival (S.W.E.T)






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   Carl Moore  Marine Operations