H & B Young
 Marine & Petroleum Safety Training Center



Proficiency in Survivl Craft (PSC)

Any applicant who has successfully completed Proficiency in Survival Craft course will satisfy:  (1) the Survival Craft training requirements of Section A VI/2 and Table A-VI/2-1 of the STCW Code as amend and 46 CFR 12.10-3(a)(6) for any endorsement as Lifeboatman, AND (2) the survival suit and survival craft training requirements of 46 CFR 11.470(b)(2)(ii), 11.470(d)(2)(ii), 11.470(f)(2)(ii), 11.470(h)(2)(i), 11.472(a)(2)(ii), and 11.474(a)(2)(ii) for a credential as Offshore Installation Manager, Barge Supervisor or Ballast Control Officer; AND (3) if presented within one year of the completion of training, the written and practical examination requirements of 46 CFR 12.10-5 for a Lifeboatman endorsement  and the written “Survival Craft” examination requirements for service on vessels not equipped with lifeboat.


Items needed for Pool Practical:

  • Swimming trunks (coveralls will be issued to you),

  • Shoes to swim in (diving booties or tennis shoes),

  • Towel, and

  • Bag for wet clothing



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